Friday, 18 November 2011

Adi Linden

Adi's super duper collages, some of my fave images, and drawings by her friend Adisa, more coming soon! she also was sweet enough to make a little bag for the travelling book, with a fab quote on it, love it ! and an envelope with a secret message, I love secret messages! thanks Adi xxx

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Witches are scary

Sorry I have been away from my darling sketchbook blog for a while, I have had to deal with coffe-addiction-caused-anemia and sleep deprivation because of my minx waking up at 3 am thinking there is a witch in her bedroom... !
I still have to post 'live'pictures of sylvie's images in the Night and Day book and I am yet to receive the fairytale and charlie book from Christina Romeo and Adi lee's friend respectively.
I will hopefully have more energy soon as i miss your comments and input on this blog and want more adventures for my 3 cherished sketchbooks! Stay around for more...x
Artists found on flicker:   Uptheatticsteps


Twinklemoon bunny and her wonderful dolls:


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Kipik's pages, wow!

Beautiful art from Kipik in Canada, I am totally blown away by those pictures, I love her colorful 'naive' folk art!
(I will comment more on them later as real life is calling me right now. dinner to be cooked, how unglamorous!)
x lo

Friday, 16 September 2011

Sylvie aka cinderella punk!

Sylvie is an amazing lady, who customises blythe dolls and paints super cute pictures...

Cinderellapunk's pages a bit larger this time, with photos of Sylvie herself, how cool and beautiful is she!  Enjoy, the images are so so super cute. Will upload the pages from the book soon as I have just received it (these are just 2 photos Sylvie emailed me. I took the photos of sylvie and her dolls from her brilliant Flicker account here.(hope its ok sylvie!) Love the moon...everything about them x

Monday, 5 September 2011

Sonia's pages

Sonia's pages on the Night and Day sketchbook, given to me this summer in France. Sonia is my most important friend,her birthday is the day before mine and we are alike in many ways, love the same films, music, clothes, decoration ideas... I love her collage, the words mean 'mad in the forest/milky way'...

the book folded out in all its glory... below.

Adi did you receive the charlie book?
kipik did you receive the fairytale sketchbook? x

Sunday, 14 August 2011

All the way from Tennessee...

Beautiful fairytale-like illustration from Marie Lamb of the lovely knitowl blog....
Very busy packing for my holidays in France, but what do you girls think?
As for me, I love it, in fact I want to dive in the page... xo

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Ana outside the box!

Look at Charlie! On top of illustrating pages on the Charlie sketchbook, Ana Camamiel also designed a fantababulous bookmark to go with the book!

So cool...this project gives me so much joy every time i see the work of the last person who participated, so cool to have those ideas coming together from all over the world converging into a single artistic project...

I think there will be many many sketchbooks before I start to ever get bored of this fact I can see myself doing it until the day I die...pick up cool artists out there and send them a book!
Thanks Ana for being brilliant! x

Saturday, 6 August 2011

I used to make dolls, you know...

The real live doll who once upon a time inspired me to make these fabric dolls below...
that were used as doll swaps with other dollmakers in the world.

Where are the sketchbooks? still with mary lamb or with Kipik or ana camamiel? please update me girls! xx lo

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Ana Camamiel is the next one on the list to receive the Charlie and the chocolate factory sketchbook.
Check her out here, should be fun he?

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Laura's pages

Beautiful, brilliant, kooky, wicked.
Some of the words that spring to my mind when looking at this fantastic piece of Art from laura Ferrara in the Fairytale Forest sketchbook. (Image taken from her flicker as the book is still travelling)
Love the little charater and its written on petal skirt and the dots in the sky and the imagination of it....
The book is on its way to Mary Lamb in Tennessee, yyeehaaaa cant wait xxxx

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Book number 3: Sonja 's pages

It was Sonja's turn to fill the first pages of the Charlie and the chocolate factory children book, I knew they would be beautiful and I wasnt disappointed! What a clever artist Sonja is. She made her drawings fit around the Quentin Blake illustrations and the result is funny, sweet and adorable. Judge for yourself:

A little bit of poetry all the way from Bosnia! thank you so much for participating Sonja, if you ever make large prints of your drawings for sale I will be very interested in buying one! Sonja also makes very cool jewellery, yep, multi talented is the word...
The night and day book is still stuck in France with Sonia who is having a rough time at the moment and is still perfecting her pages as she wasnt totally happy with them. Hurry up a bit!
My turn to paint a cover for book 3 and fill a few pages before sending it to the next person. The fairytale sketchbook is in America with Laura Ferrara, this is going to be amazing as well, cant wait. xxx