Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Ana outside the box!

Look at Charlie! On top of illustrating pages on the Charlie sketchbook, Ana Camamiel also designed a fantababulous bookmark to go with the book!

So cool...this project gives me so much joy every time i see the work of the last person who participated, so cool to have those ideas coming together from all over the world converging into a single artistic project...

I think there will be many many sketchbooks before I start to ever get bored of this project...in fact I can see myself doing it until the day I die...pick up cool artists out there and send them a book!
Thanks Ana for being brilliant! x


  1. This bookmark so fits the book!
    so cool :)
    Bravo Ana!

  2. Thank you very much! It was so fun to participate. I´m very glad you like my contribution. :)

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  4. (I post a comment ,but something went wrong )...
    I wanted to say that I'm here for the first time ,thanks to -adi linden link on her blog. You will see, I wrote everywhere here - this is such a great blog, full of love -and that is what's attracted me !