Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Book number 3: Sonja 's pages

It was Sonja's turn to fill the first pages of the Charlie and the chocolate factory children book, I knew they would be beautiful and I wasnt disappointed! What a clever artist Sonja is. She made her drawings fit around the Quentin Blake illustrations and the result is funny, sweet and adorable. Judge for yourself:

A little bit of poetry all the way from Bosnia! thank you so much for participating Sonja, if you ever make large prints of your drawings for sale I will be very interested in buying one! Sonja also makes very cool jewellery, yep, multi talented is the word...
The night and day book is still stuck in France with Sonia who is having a rough time at the moment and is still perfecting her pages as she wasnt totally happy with them. Hurry up a bit!
My turn to paint a cover for book 3 and fill a few pages before sending it to the next person. The fairytale sketchbook is in America with Laura Ferrara, this is going to be amazing as well, cant wait. xxx


  1. This is wonderful! Now that I have holded the book in my hands and that I have seen the beautiful pages in person I like it even more. Congratulations to Sonja for her awesome work.