Thursday, 21 July 2011


Ana Camamiel is the next one on the list to receive the Charlie and the chocolate factory sketchbook.
Check her out here, should be fun he?


  1. I can´t wait to receive the sketchbook, this is a very exciting project. I´m very happy to participate! Thank you!

  2. Hi Lo,
    i got really amazed when i saw your project here.
    I would sooooooo love to participate.
    I am from Bosnia,15y old girl and very enthusiastic about this.
    I live next town to Sonja :)

    & I actually wrote one comment on this on21 July,when this was posted but i could not post it because i had no blog.So,i made one!
    That 1st com. was so emotional,because i cried while writing.
    My big wish is to be in this,i pray you will allow me to.

    Contact me,anyway.
    I like and follow your project,anyway,too.
    adi linden

  3. Of course you can participate! what a lovely message! will be in touch soon, but send me your address at this email

  4. Oh,thank you so much!I truly want this.
    I'll send it right now.
    You made my day.
    Thank you again,Lo.
    PS you are in my blog's first post!!!

    adi linden

  5. So Beautiful blog. I fell so comfortable here .
    Colors, sketches , wonderland....