Sunday, 14 August 2011

All the way from Tennessee...

Beautiful fairytale-like illustration from Marie Lamb of the lovely knitowl blog....
Very busy packing for my holidays in France, but what do you girls think?
As for me, I love it, in fact I want to dive in the page... xo


  1. Very beautiful! It´s really lovely and unique.
    I hope you are enjoying your holidays in France, I have just arrived from mine.

  2. I'm here for hours, till I haven't read every post . Here in Bosnia is kind of late ,so I'm going to sleep because I saw that You have two more blogs, I want to see them too.
    I'm so happy now, when I saw all of this amazing sketches , drawing ,ideas - because I like to create new world with pencil and colours too.
    So happy to find You.