Monday, 5 September 2011

Sonia's pages

Sonia's pages on the Night and Day sketchbook, given to me this summer in France. Sonia is my most important friend,her birthday is the day before mine and we are alike in many ways, love the same films, music, clothes, decoration ideas... I love her collage, the words mean 'mad in the forest/milky way'...

the book folded out in all its glory... below.

Adi did you receive the charlie book?
kipik did you receive the fairytale sketchbook? x


  1. I am absolutely in LOVE with these collages!
    I love this kind of things,too...
    I did not :/
    I hope it is not lost ...
    It will be OK.


  2. As allways this is amaizing too!
    I've been waiting for new post thinking what it is going to look like :D

    kisses from me!

  3. Hi Lo,
    i have got your Charlie :D
    What a awesome things in here!
    Don't have much time tight now...
    Charlie's waiting...

    how many pages am i allowed to do?
    I already did 3 and i am not that satisfied with my work :/

  4. oh thank god its not lost! 8 pages maximum I guess? xx

  5. ok,
    I think i will make collages over my drawings..
    It didnt work out very well for me :/
    Thanks again!