Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Witches are scary

Sorry I have been away from my darling sketchbook blog for a while, I have had to deal with coffe-addiction-caused-anemia and sleep deprivation because of my minx waking up at 3 am thinking there is a witch in her bedroom... !
I still have to post 'live'pictures of sylvie's images in the Night and Day book and I am yet to receive the fairytale and charlie book from Christina Romeo and Adi lee's friend respectively.
I will hopefully have more energy soon as i miss your comments and input on this blog and want more adventures for my 3 cherished sketchbooks! Stay around for more...x
Artists found on flicker:   Uptheatticsteps


Twinklemoon bunny and her wonderful dolls:



  1. agree with adi :)
    and I'm sorry that you have to wake up every night because of witches :D
    tell them to come during the day :)