Friday, 18 November 2011

Adi Linden

Adi's super duper collages, some of my fave images, and drawings by her friend Adisa, more coming soon! she also was sweet enough to make a little bag for the travelling book, with a fab quote on it, love it ! and an envelope with a secret message, I love secret messages! thanks Adi xxx


  1. I forgot to mention that this is obviously the Charlie and the chocolate factory sketchbook and that Adi is our youngest illustrator for the project: 15 or 16 I believe!

  2. Yes,
    well Adi and Adisa are the same person-me.
    And Nady stands for Nadina-my friend!
    The collages are mine,but the girl eating chocolate is her work.
    Just to know...
    I am happy you like the bag I made,
    and it's finally there.
    I thought it was already lost! :D

  3. :D
    love this work !
    great job Adisa :D