Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The last sketchbook is back!

Beautiful images from Mary Lamb, Kipik, and Christina Romeo, photographed in the Forest Fairytale sketchbook, back from Canada.
Sorry for being away so long, the winter always kills me. I'm slowly feeling human again even though today every single muscle in my body is aching after deciding to go jogging ever ynight...2 days ago. Ouch, I do not recommend it after 3 months hibernating and crocheting by the fire.
Looking forward to finding new artists and adventures for the sketchbooks.
(Adi I will add missing pictures in the charlie book very soon x)


  1. How nice this 1st photo is!
    The Creature is amazing :D

  2. Yay!!!...so nice to have some news! Thank you! ...where will it go next??? love the new Art!