Sunday, 29 May 2011

How to participate to sketchbook 3

I am happy to report that I have sent sketchbook number 3 to Sonja in Bosnia and that sketchbook number 2 is back! Only one stuck in France now,but i shall call the naughty girl who is keeping it to gently tell her off tonite!
Sketchbook number 3 is a printed book,a well known children's story: Charlie and the chocolate factory by Roald Dhal  and it already contains a few illustrations by the great Quentin Blakes. I thought it would be interesting to draw on the printed pages , either by illustrating the actual story or by totally ignoring it and let your imagination take you wherever it goes.
-Draw on one or 2, 3 pages, up to you and your inspiration
-follow the story. or dont!
-draw on the Quentin Blake illustrations or around them if you have thought of an interesting way of doing that.
-have fun
- Leave pages between your illustrations and the next artist's illustrations: we do not need to draw on ALL the printed pages of the book, obviously. Let the book 'breathe'.

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