Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Becky's beautiful pages

 My talented friend Becky's beautiful pages for the Forest Fairytale sketchbook! Becky is an Art teacher and knows a lot about textures and experimenting with trapping found objects and textures in plastic and handmade paper.

Love the collaged butterfly stamps and stitching.

We share a love of buttons. Love the idea of inserting a bit of poetry on ripped paper.

How cool are those printed rectangles?

Trapped butterfly in handmade texture.


Pink and green are Becky's colors.
Can you tell?
Circular pencil rubbings below with 'woven' texture in the circle on the right.

Fantastic! The sketchbook is now with Raphaelle from the artycho blog near Chester, Uk  and I cant wait to see her pages, she is the kind of girl who can do anything: sewing, crochet, drawing, blogging you name it, she's excellent at it. The night and day sketchbook is in France with my dear friend Sonia who I believe will be using collage too and is very secretive about her ideas for it! Can't wait again!

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