Friday, 19 November 2010

Stephen's pages

Stephen's offering. Love the color combination of blues, reds and purples which happens to be my favorite. Very cool! I recognise Stephen's trademark little squares in the background too, from drawing sessions at Alice's years ago. Alice used to host evening drawing sessions in her flat in London for her artistic friends or anyone who wanted to have a go. We all used to pose in turns so that everybody had a go at making our portrait. In the summer we'd draw in Hyde Park then go to the pub. And there was wine and delicious veggie food. It remains one of my favorite memories of my time in London... x

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  1. Yes, I remember those drawing sessions with fond memories too... I could never think of what to do when it was my turn to pose, so I'd doodle in my sketchpad, and people had to draw me doing that...
    And mostly what I'd doodle were those "trademark little squares", and squiggles, and giraffes and things; basically just the first things that came into my head, almost as if I was just letting the pen or pencil draw what it wanted to draw, freed up by all the wine and beer we all used to drink in large amounts on those evenings!

    So when the time came to do this picture, on a post-work, post-children, teetotal evening, I put some loud meandering guitar music on, instead of drinking booze, to free me up a bit, then wet the pages with water, splotched on some ink, and let gravity and chromatography guide the pen to do its work!