Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Night and Day by Lupe

Witty interpretation by Lupe for the NIGHT AND DAY sketchbook, currently in London with Alice! Pretty damn good drawings they are too! Thanks again Lupe for participating. I like how our 2 styles of drawing are already completely different...me and my naive creatures. Oh to be a children's book illustrator. well it might still happen, thanks to this venture. am so loving drawing again x

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  1. Thank you for inviting me! It was pretty nerve-wracking deciding on an idea/composition.. i was in the middle of a 'scene' (with a bunch of crumpled up paper on my desk) when, suddenly, simplicity beckoned. So much about day and night is about how we see the light isn't it! I totally agree there's nothing like a group project to get the juices going, and this is a good one! This has really inspired me and I've been a lot more productive since you set the task, so i can't thank you enough. by the way, dying to see your first illustrated children's book! xolupe