Monday, 4 October 2010

I am done!

Here are my 4 pages! I used a mixture of watercolors, collage and art pencils for this first humble offering , and I am pleased with the result. My usual naive little people are there being cute.

I used long narrow strips of watercolor paper that can be folded out or into a  little book. I will send  strips of paper  to the next illustrator but you guys can use a different type of paper if you prefer as long as you cut it out in the same dimensions and fold it at the right place, so that the final object can be folded in and the pages can be turned over. Lets have 4 pages each maximum, you can do less if you have babies and other time-consuming and energy-sapping creatures/activities demanding your attention!

This treasure in the making is going to London first where Lupe, Alice, Steven and Tanya will have fun with it before it is sent back to artistic friends in T'North! Dont keep it for too long guys! In the meantime all you eager northerners can practice and think of the lay out of your 4 pages, with the theme Night and Day...
x Lo


  1. Oh my word you are SO talented! These are beautiful. I look forward to seeing how the project develops x

  2. Lo that is just too beautiful, you clever thing you. I'm now feeling a bit scared about my offerings, but will do my best :) I'm very excited to watch this project grow. xx

  3. Thank you! I am always pleasantly surprised if words like 'beautiful' are used to describe my little drawings. so thanks a lot!

  4. Like everything here - simply beautiful.